This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'Save us!'... and Gon's Balls will whisper 'First... comes... rock!' Hah!  Made you stare at Naruto's Marshmallow!  Pushing the logo off-center to drive TheOcean insane.  
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  1. nsfwzexalboy
    hey mab wanna rp with me
  2. Reese
    I like your avatar! ^^
  3. Die Einzelganger
    Die Einzelganger
    Can I ask you a favor? Can you tell me, if only in a summary, what is going on in this?
  4. Die Einzelganger
  5. Die Einzelganger
    Die Einzelganger
    Every time Seto Kaiba steps on stray cheetos barefoot, his rage pops a glass in the nearby cabinet. Mokuba had to restock within three days, though Seto vacuumed the whole apartment twice, because the stray cheetos that escaped Jaden had since evolved into sentient organisms and actively tried to pursue a better life, until Seto Kaiba just happened to cross the floor at the same time.
  6. Die Einzelganger
    Die Einzelganger
    Seto just doesn't know when to quit. But at least the television and Jaden's beautiful singing voice was spared, and the fangirls thanked all that was yaoi that he would recover in a month or so. Also, they gladly fed him ice cream in the hospital, while the only one who spoonfed Syrus was Mokuba, and even he only did it out of pity.

    Oh well, at least the apartment was more or less free and quiet in the evenings. :D
  7. Die Einzelganger
    Die Einzelganger
    I'm LOL'in' so damn hard. This is so terrible and yet so hilarious.

    Syrus was still heart-broken, despite the icecream, because he just prefers donuts more, though Mokuba was somewhat consoled by the fact that he could a) still chew, b) he could watch Sunday cartoons in the hospital, since the moment Seto tried his Sunday morning kick-a-thon routine, he was thrown out of the hospital. His visitation rights should have been discontinued the moment he tried to choke Jaden on the hospital bed to finish the job, but the doctors were on his side that day. However, destroying a hospital television set was wrong, even in their eyes.

    Jaden still didn't care. He had ice cream, after all.
  8. Die Einzelganger
    Die Einzelganger
    Thank you very much! :D I don't feel left out anymore XD ...Plus Christmas Rage Kaiba is probably an accurate depiction of the holiday preparatory season, and Kaiba in general. XD

    ...I wonder if he has ever worn a santa hat in his life. Probably when Jaden put one on him while he was sleeping and twittered it. Kaiba broke Syrus's jaw before he managed to crack Jaden's, so everybody's Christmas was ruined.
  9. Die Einzelganger
    Die Einzelganger
    Yaaaay! :D

    ...I put another sheet over FUUU Kaiba, pressed it down to overlap, drew a santa hat, scanned it and photoshopped it onto the meme face in PhotoPaint. XD
  10. Die Einzelganger
    Die Einzelganger
    How do you like my Christmas icon? ;D

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